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Come out, enjoy and purchase delicious Afro-Caribbean Plant Based Foods, amazing vegan health and beauty products, vegan friendly clothing, art and get some great information and tips on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle.


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Our Festivals & Markets

The “FESTIVALS & MARKETS” have always been regular gathering places where people can exchange information, commmunicate eat, dance, barter, purchase and sell goods, provisions and other commodities.


The Afro-Caribbean Vegan Festival & Market is a NOT FOR PROFIT event with a mission to provide a space for Vendors of Afro-Caribbean art, plant based vegan products and services to market, display and sell their products, network in addition to a forum to share information and educate people about the many benefits of adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle by way of guest speakers, workshops and more.

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We’ve worked with Over 300 Local Vendors & Entrepreneurs

Our Festival & Market is a great place to showcase, market and sell your Afro Caribbean inspired Plant Based Products or Services while connecting with your community. We welcome all vendors of products derived from Afro/Caribbean inspired ingredients, culture, art, fashion along with entrepreneurs & service providers that serve the Afro/Caribbean community.

Our Why

Our Afro Caribbean Vegan Festival and Market  celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Afro Caribbean diaspora, while promoting a plant-based lifestyle. These events offer an opportunity to introduce people to the flavors and ingredients that are commonly used in this cuisine, while demonstrating that it is possible to enjoy these dishes without animal products.

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Vendors & Entrepreneurs

Welcomed Attendees

Years, Entrepreneurial, Event Management, Product and Food Handling Experience

"We had a great time at this event. We brought the entire family, learned about new cultures, flavours, products and tasted different vegan foods!"


– Lena & Mel  G.

"I'm not a vegan but I like plant-based food. All the folks were so chill and welcoming. The music was good and I got to try products and eat great food."


– Vanessa.

"I was a volunteer for this market. Ms. MJ & Ms. Polly and all the sellers were so nice. I'm a foreign student and I now know more about the African Caribbean culture, the music and the food."


– KG.

One of the most professional events that I have been a part of. This is my third time vending at their market. They are organized, clean, on time, have a variety of vendors and lots of attendees. Great opportunity for business owners.


– Amara S.

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